Are You Like Elle?

Recently, my friend Elle said to me, “I just want to hang out with people who care what an Am chord is!”
Can you relate?
Like most of my students, she’s not interested in developing a career in music, she just needs to hang and play music with like-minded souls.
I first met her when she took classes with me at The Passim School of Music and she would arrive after a stressful day at work saying, “This is my valium!”.
Elle has a gorgeous singing voice, has written some lovely songs and tried her hand at a few open mikes.  In addition to needing to hang with other music peeps, she also wants to be good at what she does and keep getting better at it.Did you get a new guitar for Christmas or have one sitting in your closet calling your name?  Click here to register for my free video lessons for beginners to find out that you can play guitar, even if you’re not from the special talented planet.