Club Passim on Super Bowl Sunday

I went to the Kerrville Folk Festival for the first time in 1989 to sing with my friend David Holmes in their annual songwriting contest. I had never been to Texas before and had no idea what to expect but had been a Nanci Griffith fan for several years and knew that she’d been in that contest and still performed there occasionally.So I flew down to San Antonio with a backpack, tent and guitar feeling excited and nervous.First of all it was really hot. Africa hot. There wasn’t any shade to pitch my tent in so I sweated a few buckets in the process of putting it up. Dave brought me over to the main stage area where we bought some dinner and then sat down to catch the first music of the evening. It was Pierce Pettis and I was BLOWN AWAY. The rest of the weekend was like that, one performer after another who I’d never heard and were amazing. Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes, Buddy Mondlock, Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen, Jr.After the mainstage performances, we went back to the campground and found groups of people sitting in circles sharing original songs. It was a totally religious experience listening to one great song after another and having the opportunity to share my songs with my songwriting peeps.Now almost 30 years later, I’m so grateful to have many long time, dear friends that I know from the festival. One of those people is Bernice Lewis whom I’ll be performing with at Club Passim on Sunday, February 4th at 7 p.m.We were talking about the fact that we’ll be performing on Superbowl Sunday and she told me that her grandmother, may she rest in peace, had this take on football, “I don’t understand, vhy don’t they just give them all a ball, then they vouldn’t have to fight over it….” LOLI’m so excited about sharing the evening with Bernice.  Click here and join us for an evening of music.
peace, Janet