Failure or Regret: Which Would You Rather Deal With?

So here’s the thing: if you come to one of my classes at The Passim School of Music, the worst thing that will happen is that your playing will sound like…….. you’re a beginner. My friend Ksenia Mack always tells her students, “Don’t worry, you’ll never sound this bad again.” ;-) You have great taste in music and know what excellent guitar playing sounds like so you know if you don’t sound like that yet. For many of us, that keeps us from ever getting started playing or from continuing to learn. One of things my Passim students have told me is that they really appreciate learning in a group setting because when they make mistakes, they’re drowned out by the rest of the class.I’ve heard this from people in my beginner class (Guitar 1) but also from more advanced students. If you’re like many of my students, you don’t want a professional career in music but you’d like to be good at it. So which would you rather deal with: creating a cacophony of guitar sound with your classmates while having a blast or spending another year wishing you could play? If making a lot of guitar noise in a warm, fun atmosphere sounds like a way you’d like to begin 2018, click here to register for one of my classes at The Passim School of Music.
The worst case scenario? You’ll have a great time.
Peace, Janet