How long have you been teaching music?
I’ve been teaching music since 1988. Since then I’ve taught people of all ages and abilities in general music classes, private guitar and piano lessons, songwriting, ensemble groups and group guitar lessons.
How long have you been a performing songwriter?
I’ve been a performing songwriter since 1986, playing at clubs and coffeehouses nationwide and some overseas
I’m tone deaf and have no music talent, can I still learn to play music?
The only people who are tone deaf are deaf. If you can hear, speak and feel like it, then you can learn to play music.
What kind of people do you work best with?
1. People who believe that only the “special talented” people can learn but wish they could too. 2. Guitar players who are terrified of barre chords and want to make friends with them. 3. Crazy, busy people who think they don’t have time to learn but would love to. 4. Anyone who has the desire to learn
How are you different from other music teachers?
When you study with me you not only learn technique and theory, you also get an enthusiastic cheerleader. I understand the emotional hurdles that leave you feeling like you can’t learn and help you leap over them. My mission is to take the mystery out of learning to play music and give you full access to playing your favorite songs
How do you work? What can I expect?
All technique and theory are taught in the context of playing songs; it’s easier and way more fun. I have a vast repertoire of songs to work with but you can also request your favorites. Students register for lessons by semester which includes sheet music, “let me take the mystery out of it” theory handouts, practice mp3s and recitals. All of my students receive a weekly newsletter with free video lessons and helpful information about playing music.
Can I just sign up for one session with you?
I’m an awesome teacher but not the best fit for everyone. You can sign up for an introductory lesson and decide for yourself. Then you can choose to pay for the lesson or register for the semester.
I’m really busy and overwhelmed. How much time is involved before I get results?
Being an over-scheduled, over-functioning New Englander I totally get this! I offer my students a simple, manageable practice regimen that totally fits even your whack schedule – 5 days a week, 10 minutes. One of my students who works crazy hours at a really stressful job calls her guitar lessons, “my valium”. They help her stay centered and grounded in the midst of her weekly madness. Even she has the time to practice, has made friends with barre chords and is comfortable playing all sorts of songs.
I want to study guitar with you but I don’t live in the Boston area.
I offer 4 levels of video guitar lessons based on my classes at The Passim School of Music. Learn guitar from me on your schedule at home. I also teach students via Skype. You can email or call me anytime when you have questions.

Looking for more information? Email me at janet@janetsplanetmusic.com