Football or Music, It’s Really About Community

I actually do give a crap about football, especially when the Patriots are playing. I can’t watch a whole game though when I care who’s going to win, it’s too stressful. If I were home for the Superbowl, I would turn it on for the half time show (I LOVE Justin Timberlake) then watch the last 20 to 30 minutes of the game. 
So maybe the game will still be going on after my show with Bernice on Superbowl Sunday but if not, I’ll enjoy watching the highlights on YouTube. If you’re a huge football fan, that may sound sacrilegious to you. That’s fine, I understand. The way you feel about football is the way I feel about music and musicians I love. For my whole life I’ve been memorizing lyrics, reading books and articles about my favorite artists and learning how to play their songs. What we have in common is the passion not just for the activity but for the community it connects us to. Like my friend Elle says, “I just want to hang out with people who care what an Am chord is.” If you’re up for an evening of original music in a warm environment with a cool vibe and delish food, join me and my dear friend Bernice Lewis on February 4th at 7 p.m. for our show at Club Passim.   Click here to buy tickets.
peace, Janet