"I Want My Lessons Every Two Weeks"

Most of my students are like me; over functioning, over scheduled New Englanders.  So I understand when they ask me if they can meet for their private lessons every two weeks. Because they’re busy, they’re concerned they won’t have ample time to practice between lessons to get the most bang for their buck. However, as one of my current students said to me, “Lately I’ve realized if you really want to get better at something in your life, you have to commit to it.”  He said this as he was committing to a 3 month/10 weekly lesson semester of private lessons with me. Having a lesson every week creates a level of momentum that keeps my students motivated and inspired.  Also, when normal life events make it neccessary to cancel a lesson, three or four weeks can go by without that support. Most of my students don’t want to be professional musicians but they really want to be good at playing and singing their favorite and/or original songs.  To make that happen, consistency is key. Even us crazy, busy New Englanders can find time to practice.  My favorite practice regimen is:
1. 5 Days per week for 10 minutes (really)
2. Play a scale, a song, DONE.
3. Treat your practice sessions like you would a 10 minute date with your most favorite person in the world.  If you treat yourself that way, you won’t interrupt the time with other things or allow other activities to replace it. 4. If you have time and you feel like practicing for longer than 10 minutes, enjoy!  However, remember that it’s not a moral issue: you’re not a better person if you practice longer. 5. Because of the power of consistency, you’re better off practicing for 5 days/10 minutes than sitting down once during the week and playing for an hour. I practice this way not only because I’m busy, but because I have the attention span of a flea when it comes to repetitive work.  I keep my guitar available next to my desk and will take 10 minutes sometimes multiple times during the day to practice scales and new techniques. I currently have limited spaces available for private students.  To set up a tryout lesson with me, contact me at janet@janetsplanetmusic.com or call 617 359 4689.


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