Things That Fall
From The Sky

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Tick Tock

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Pulling On

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I Met

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Dar Williams
"Janet's guitar work is as poetic as her writing. This is a lovely album!"

Lynn Swiniarski
"Your songs are so personal to you and you invite everyone in to enjoy them. I love each and every one. Sometimes performers can seem detached and going through the motions. I never feel that with your songs. They hit some special note for everyone."
Bertrand Laurence
"It felt just like peering over the shoulder of an inspired painter unfolding beautiful, intimate and vibrant watercolor scenes under your very eyes. So many moods and textures yet Truthfulness is both a constant theme and attribute in your singing. Inspiring.."
Leslie Belkner
“Best surprise ever was getting your CD in the mail!!! Janet, it's sooooo amazing - and beautiful - and brilliant!!!! EVERY song. The boys and I have listened twice through already! I am enjoying every bit of it, including the awesome cover art by John. THANK YOU so much for sharing this beautiful piece of your heart and soul with me and the world. Lovelovelove :) All the Belkners will be there for your CD release concert, can't wait!!!!"

Lily, Age 7
"If you had been on stage with Taylor Swift and Carly Simon you would have been just as good! I believe in you Janet!"


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