The Worst Reason To Cancel Your Lesson

Every now again, one of my private students will call to cancel their lesson because they didn’t have time to practice that week.
I discourage them because not practicing is the worst reason to cancel.  When you miss a lesson, you lose the momentum that gets built up studying weekly.  In reviewing material, it gets you back on track. How do I know?  I almost cancelled my weekly guitar lesson with the fabulous Avi Salloway because I’d been traveling between lessons and hadn’t practiced at all.
To be congruent with what I tell my students, I went to my lesson anyway and it was a great decision.  We reviewed what we’d done the week before and lo and behold, there was some muscle memory left in my fingers.  If I’d waited an extra week, that likely wouldn’t have been the case.
Also, our lessons are a blast and it got me back on track with practicing this week.
Avi is one of my colleagues at The Passim School of Music and the founder of the band Billy Wylder.


Peace,   p.s. Do you wish that you knew how to play the guitar but think you’re too busy or not talented enough? Click here to register for my free video guitar lesson series for beginners and find out for yourself you can.


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